most royals and their children are eehhghgg but charlotte casiraghi isn't too shabby.

she's cute except for the whole monaco thing


if you are seeing this entry it means you are not privileged enough to be on my list :p

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meme: 'film i would like to see with that person would we ever go on a date together'

stolen from smartorialist

1. smartorialist: naked, lol bowels of london
2. wonderduck: camp
3.dic_tator: 24 hour party people
4. ruxpin_exe: beyond the clouds
5. kko: wicked city
6. ilpostino: demon city shinjuku
7. ratmankey: brazil
8. noelrunes: the mummy
9. thesaraghina: the new hellsing OVA coming out

(ok so i only got up to 9, it's supposed to be 12 people)


i hadn't realised that i was chewing gum like a mad man last night and now my damn jaw hurts.


that's pretty cool, if a little loud.

edit: i also like these miu miu glasses. they look like they're made of cardboard and are disposable. that's what i love about fashion, clothes treated like a one-use syringe..

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you know what is friggin annoying? when you're in your room, trying to concentrate on getting homework done, but theres like 10 people outside being loud and flamboyant and speaking at the top of their voices. i can't very well tell them to piss off, however.